Welcome to the website of the General-Family Medicine Practice of Dr. Chrysanni Xirouchaki.

I am waiting for you to get to know each other and manage together any health issue that
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What is the role of the General – Family Practitioner

The General-Family Practitioner is a specialized physician, trained according to the principles of his scientific branch. He is each patient’s personal physician, primarily responsible for providing comprehensive and ongoing care. He is the doctor who can monitor and treat most diseases of primary health care. In this way, the patient solves multiple health problems simultaneously and effectively. When required the general practitioner will collaborate with other specialties.

What is General-Family Medicine?

General / Family Medicine is an academic and scientific discipline with its own distinct educational content, research, scientific data base and clinical activity and is a clinical specialty oriented towards primary care. It is normally the point of first medical contact within the health care system, providing open and unrestricted access to its users, dealing with all health problems regardless of the age, gender or any other characteristic of the person concerned.